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I made some pants for myself. Sarouel pants to be specific. I love them. It’s like wearing clouds! I know 99.9% of people hate this look, but I don’t mind. You can all laugh at me and my “poopy pants,” but I’ll laugh back when you’re melting from the heat in your tight pants while I feel a balmy breeze. Just kidding, but really, these pants are so cool.
I made these pants using the straight-cut sarouel pants pattern from the Happy Homemade: Sew Chic book. I was sent one to review, and I get to giveaway two to you wonderful readers! The book was written in Japanese, but it was released in English. Enter the giveaway below!

I have always admired the Japanese style. I love it on children and on women. It looks so easy, relaxed, comfortable, and breezy. I was so excited to receive the book and try out some sewing! After looking through I wanted to make three or four items and had a hard time narrowing it down. Finally, I realized I had some beautiful linen that would be perfect for the pants. (I know, I picked the item that the general public is least likely to make.)

Well, the book is great. There are twenty pieces to choose from (I’ve already purchased fabric to make something else for myself!), and the patterns are all on a sheet to trace from. That’s actually my preferred way to have patterns. I love having a master pattern. The instructions are simple; it might be a little tough for beginners to use because they aren’t extremely detailed.

They are a little wide around the hips, and they are different than what I’m used to wearing. But they are OH-so comfortable. And the linen is really high quality that I got from my friend. Linen wrinkles so easily, but it’s such a luxurious-looking wrinkle.

It was the kind of day where I wore no shoes and put on no make-up. I didn’t even wash the baby spit up off of my shirt. (It doesn’t show up in the picture as much as it does in real life.) But I was comfortable in my sarouel pants so that’s all that matters.

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Author: Heather