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DIY Nursing-Friendly Shirt

I am getting a little tired of the few shirts I can wear right now since my size is still adjusting. I'm out to make a couple of new clothes for myself, so I'm a little excited about getting dressed in the morning. I made a really simple nursing-friendly tee.
I didn't make a tutorial because I was in a rush, but the basic idea is to cut two fronts. One is regular and one is cut just under the bust. Finish the bottom edge how you want; I added a band with elastic in it. Sew up the tee as normal layering the short one on top of the regular length. Once it's finish cut some holes in the bottom layer for nursing.
I think I need to take in the sides in a little more, so it's a better fit and looks better. So far I love it though. It's a nice floral knit that I found in the remnant bin at Joann's. (I love the remnant bin!)
I love this little photo-bomber!


  1. Henry's just too funny... I love that he always wants to show in the photos.
    i have tops like this one pinned, but haven't done any just yet. I have to though, I think they are so great while nursing.

  2. Awesome! And I love the fabric. So smart Heather!

  3. You need to make the tutorial! (But I know... 2 kids is busy!)

    1. Jalie 3132 is a pattern for this exact style top which comes with the bonus of a hoodie version too, if you need some more instructions and pattern pieces (I know I always do!)


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