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DIY Bandana: a.k.a. Cool Baby Bibs

Luckily, Claire is not a baby that spits up a lot, but she is a baby that spits up just a little. It's always enough that I have to change her clothes which gets old pretty quickly. I've had the baby bandana tutorial pinned for a couple of years, and I finally put it to use. Instead of doing one layer, I made reversible ones with flannel in the center for absorption. I used lots of cute fabric to spice up Claire's outfits.
Since my scarves are reversible I decided to use snaps instead of Velcro so that nothing would scratch Claire's soft skin.
I really love them and how they look on her. Even though she's crying in this picture, she doesn't seem to mind wearing them. Today was the second day she wore one, and it saved me from changing her outfit multiple times. And she looks like an adorable little rocker, especially with her awesome Mohawk.


  1. I love it! As I was looking at this post, I thought, statement necklaces for babies! How awesome. And a great way to cover up a stained onesie.

  2. I will definitely be using this. My fourth is due in August and our bibs are a little worn out and even stained, so I needed some more, but this is way cuter than a bib. Thanks!

  3. Cute! My kids never had the patience for bibs, luckily also not big barfers. She's very cute, tears and all!

  4. I really love to see bandana bib, just like this one because they perfectly suits for our dearest babies. It makes me think that all of those bibs we have from the past until now, bandana bibs are the most stylish one. Bandana Bibs are not just functional, they are also fashionable and super awesome. No wonder parents will surely love to have them for their little ones.

  5. I am liking the bandana bib designs. Did ever consider making the snap button adjustable? Babies really grow up fast right before your eyes and their neck size can change in no time.



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