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Aztec Print Onesie

I told myself I wasn't going to make any onesies for Claire. Onesies are basic items that get stained quickly and are grown out of quickly. Then I found some adorable aztec print knit fabric in the remnant bin at Joann's. (Geez, when do I ever buy fabric from the bolt at full price!?) It was a remnant that was too small to use for me so it became a onesie and some baby leggings for this fall.
I used a free onesie pattern which is great and has multiple versions, but it's all in German. So I'm not sure if I made it correctly or not. I made the shoulder overlap version. I messed up somewhere because the sleeves were too small for the body which I could only correct by making the body really tight. She'll just have to wear it a lot before she grows out of it!
The fabric is so soft but has great stretch and return. Instead of doing hems I finished all the ends with homemade knit bias tape. This time it was a success, probably my first ever! I need to keep practicing, so I won't be so afraid of it.
How great is her hair? If I don't comb it down when it's still wet after her bath, then it sticks straight up.
That face. Babies are the best.


  1. I just love Schnabelinas pattern - you can also easily adjust it to become a T-shirt...
    She also has some great youtube videos explaining the sewing process - they are in German but very well filmed, so you'll probably get something out of them even without understanding the words...


  2. Love that fabric and that hair!! I'd love for you to link this up with this week's Tuesday Sews Giveaway at PiePie Designs: http://www.piepiedesigns.com/2014/05/tuesday-sews-giveaway-may-13.html

  3. Omg- Claire is cuter by the minute! I love her adorable onesie- we lived in them for summer- I think it was easy for me because it was one thing to take off/put on between every burpy mess or diaper explosion:) I'm loving all your baby girl sewing- I can definitely see your "sewing for Henry" experiences showing through. Claire's wardrobe is more hip and less frilly than a lot of girl sewing. I love your aesthetic is what I'm trying to tell you! I'm wondering if you added a seam allowance. Most euro patterns dont include them. But you probably already knew that!

  4. Very cute. And so funny about buying remnants. I love the remnant bin. My kids love it too. They are always searching through it to find stuff mom might like.

  5. You need to add seam allowance to everything. Only where you add ribbing you should cut it out without a seam allowance.
    I don't know whether that was the problem. In Germany patterns are almost always without a pre-added seam allowance.
    Sorry for my poor english and by the way: I love your blog!

  6. LOVE that fabric. Good choice on the leggings too. Can't wait to see those!


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