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2014 Spring/Summer Collection Wrap-Up

Here's a quick wrap up of my kid's 2014 Spring/Summer Collection! I didn't make many shorts for Henry because he was gifted a ton recently. I also only made two things for Claire because she's moving up to the next size right now.
1. Navy tee with a pocket
2. Lawn chair shirt, sweatshirt shorts, striped zip-up jacket
3. Chambray collared shirt, striped pants, striped vest (not pictured), yellow tie (not picture)
4. Chevron tee
1. Ombre shirt, men's shirt harem shorts
2. Gingham collared shirt, chambray bow tie, yellow shorts
3. Gray cardigan, yellow dress
4. Gingham dress, gingham diaper cover
I just had to share this hilarious picture from one of the photoshoots. Henry would only let me take pictures of him if he got to wear daddy's shoes!

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  1. I really like that yellow asymmetrical top - and the shoes picture is adorable!


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