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Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: KCW Plans

I love how KCW comes whenever I'm working on my kid's clothing collection. It gets me in gear and helps me finish the bulk of the collection. This time will be my first to make boy's and girl's clothes. Since I've done two boy's collections, it was very easy to plan what I wanted to do for Henry. I planned quickly and am happy with the plans. We'll see how quickly I can get them sewn!
Here's the beginnings of my girl's collection. I haven't quite figured out everything I'm going to make. so this definitely isn't all, and I might not do everything I drew. It'll take me awhile to solidify my girl's aesthetic. Girl's clothes is a little overwhelming, and I feel like I'm wandering a lot.
This is my color palette: gray, medium blue/turquoise, navy, coral/medium pink, and yellow.
This is what I've gathered from my stash so far. I'm hoping to not buy anythingbecause I have a lot of stash to use up. This is mostly stuff I'll use for Henry since I know exactly what I'm making. There are a couple of things pictured that I'll be using for Claire, and there'll be others once I solidify what I'm making.


  1. I so love to see your scatches for the (now) boy and girl collection. I am determined to make this KCW a way to make a few pieces for S. Can't believe it's only 3 months for the due date already. I finished my first onesie today!

  2. You have had so much practice with the boys stuff, that is why the girls stuff is taking some time. I can't wait to see what you end up with. I know it is a lot of work, but your kids are sure lucky!
    Wish we lived closer, I have an extra boys swimsuit!

  3. I always like following your collection posts. It's great to see a full wardrobe planned out at once in sketched form, then to see how that evolves into the full collection. Looks to be another very interesting season.

  4. I like how you plan what you are sewing for your kids as a collection. I should do that. I just realized that the things I am sewing for my kids this week don't actually go together. They will be able to wear them with other things they already have, but it would be better if they had a unified color theme or something.

  5. I think because you started with boy clothes they seem easier...but girl clothes might be way easier after a while ! Only because it's easier to find fabric, boy patterns work for girls by adding feminine details, and you can stash bust with extra ruffles and girly things. Henry's old stuff will upcycle perfectly too. I have tons of free patterns on Pinterest if you want to have a look:) I can't wait to see all your sewing. I remember when you did this last year; I was shocked because you managed it! I'll never be so organized:)

  6. You are so well organized! I keep everything "planned" in my messy brain. I've just started making girl clothes but I think a lot of the struggle for me (vs making stuff for a boy) is that fact that there are so many choices for girls (fabric, styles, details) and that makes me very indecisive.


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