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Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: Gingham Dress and Diaper Cover

I haven't made a whole lot for Claire for the Spring/Summer Collection yet because she is just about to switch from 0-3 mos size to 3 mos size. Besides a couple of other items, I also made her a little tunic and matching diaper cover. I used the same blue gingham as Henry's Mulberry Tunic
I used Dana's free diaper cover pattern for the diaper cover. It's so fun to dress babies and still see their legs. Henry was a winter baby, so he was always dressed in layers to keep warm. I'm kind of excited to have a summer baby!
For the tunic I used Delia's free baby tunic top pattern. I accidentally sewed the sleeves on upside down so I had a much of problems. That's why I added binding to the sleeve hems and a casing to the neckline. I was already planning on adding yellow to the hem, so I guess it ties it all together, right? I'm happy with how it turned out; I just need to stop rushing and read the directions thoroughly.
Check out Henry the photo bomber. It was so hard to get pictures without his foot or hand sneaking in the side.


  1. GAH! ADORABLE! Cute, cute Claire in gingham! Couldn't be anything better! Oh wait, blue and yellow...even better!

  2. So precious! I love her faces!

  3. So cute! It looks good with the yellow binding. It doesn't look like you were "covering for a mistake" =D


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