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Spring/Summer 2014 Collection: Basic Boy's Pocket Tee

I finished another summer tee for Henry. I wanted it to be really basic so it could go with fun, patterned shorts. I chose a soft, navy jersey from my stash and added a gray neckline and a gray pocket. I put it on him, and before I could take some good pictures he played with glue.
In my quest to be real, I decided to just take pictures instead of  washing it and trying it another day.
This is real life over here! A silly, adorable boy and his messes!


  1. haha his face is killing me. It totally says "I put glue on this shirt just for you mom!" <3

  2. That's right. Way to be an honest blogger. We can still see the work of the shirt and it's nice!

  3. ahahaha I love the messes.

  4. Love the face!!! And the mess. :) This would be my children. lol

  5. I know I say thus all the time, but FAVORITE PICTURE EVER!!


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