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Lua Sleep Sack Review

I had the wonderful chance to test the newly released Lua Sleep Sack by An from StraightGrain. (An also has an adorable baby with oodles of hair!) She had the great idea to make a sleep slack that opened on the side instead of on the front. This idea is great for kids that like to sleep on their tummy. Claire is still too little to sleep on her tummy, but if she's anything like Henry when she's able to roll it might become a regular thing.
I made the smallest size, 0-6 mos, for Claire. We still swaddle her right now, but we'll stop in a couple of weeks and use this sleep sack instead. Then it won't be so big on her either! Since summer is beginning, I chose to put a cotton flannel in the sleep sack instead of wool batting so it wouldn't be too hot.
I really enjoyed sewing up this pattern. An is so thorough in her work and makes really good patterns and instructions. It was easy to understand and sew, and it comes together quickly. She makes putting in an invisible zipper really easy. I actually love putting in invisible zippers, but An's technique was a great refresher since I haven't done it for awhile.
I chose fabric with a simple pattern for the sleep sack. I wanted something I liked (because I will be looking at it often) and that would work for a boy or a girl so that I could use it for future children. I also omitted the piping and piecing on the front to get clean lines.
I almost chose giant matching turquoise buttons, but luckily I got help on instagram and chose the fun, red buttons instead. I love the pop of color! I also chose a dark fabric for the lining to help hide any stains that might happen.
Look at those eyes!
This sleep sack is smart and the curved piecing is beautiful. I feel so lucky that I was able to test it! The pattern goes up to size 2, so I'll be able to make more as Claire grows. I can't wait to try the other style!
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  1. Oh my gosh, she has Henry's eyes! Yay!!

  2. Sleep sacks were my best friend! Glad to see a nice pattern. and she's adorable :)

  3. Oh how cute :) I am trying to talk myself out of making a sleeping bag for a newborn... Your post is not helping :P


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