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KCW Day 2: Boys Can Wear Chevron Too

I did a fair amount yesterday mostly pattern taping and fabric cutting, so I don't have a lot to show for it. I did finish one shirt for Henry though. My SIL had a gray and blue chevron maxi skirt that she dyed yellow and it came out looking very masculine looking. She gave it to me and I cut it into pants for Claire and this shirt for Henry. I placed one line of chevron down Henry's left side.
The back and sleeves are just diagonal stripes. The fabric is really soft, but seems sturdy enough to put up with a little boy's roughness.
When I first showed it to my husband he said it's the wrong colors. I worried that that meant the colors were too feminine, but then he said it's because the shirt is the color of the Brazilian soccer team. That confirmed that it was masculine enough!


  1. Very cute! I have a maxi skirt that just ripped at the bottom, thinking of making a shirt for my cousins baby girl. Love the side details. I love your blog and all your tutorials, totally following. I sew too, your blog is a new craft inspiration to me! Check out my projects at simplebirdiecrafts.com

  2. Super cute! I love this yellow fabric!

  3. I feel like it gets harder and harder to ask Micah to wear clothes I want him to. Micah is super picky! I think it's amazing that Henry is willing to wear all the cool stuff you make.

  4. I really love this. The colour, the chevron, the design... and Henry! He's just too cute!

  5. I love this. This color looks really good on Hennie. It seems like every project he looks less like a baby and like a toddler.


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