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KCW Day 2 & 3

I have almost everything cut out, but hardly anything sewn up. That's progress though even if I can't show you. I did finish two shirts and two shorts. Both shirts were made from adult shirts so I was able to reuse some hems and neckbands. One pair of shorts were made from a man's button up shirt and the other is just a basic pair of sweatshirt fleece shorts.
This shirt is perfect for a boy during the summer. Henry LOVES being outside so we will be sitting out on lawn chairs often.
I was planning on making harem pants out of a man's shirt like these, but I made the legs too skinny (just like last time. You'd think I'd learn!) So I chopped them off and made them into long shorts. I also added the tab from the shirt to the sides to give it a cool detail. I love that these shorts have pockets and cool details, but I don't have to put much work into them.
I tried get a picture of Henry wearing the clothes, but this is how Henry felt about it.


  1. Love the striped shirt and harem shorts! They are all cute, but those are my favorite. :)

  2. Everything's looking good so far!

  3. The shorts made from the button up shirt are wonderful... just like always... I love and feel so inspired by your creations!


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