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Easter Outfits

One of my goals this year was to make Easter outfits for the family. Now before you think I'm wonder woman because I did make them with a newborn baby, I will be honest and say that I made Claire's outfit before she was born and Henry's pants were halfway finished when she came. Also, I apologize that no children are wearing these clothes; they can only handle so much modeling. I will get some good pictures on Sunday though and share them!
I used some pretty white and yellow fabric for Claire's dress. I used Rae's free Little Geranium Dress Pattern and I love it. (I think I'll buy the Geranium Dress Pattern and if you know me, I never buy patterns.) I made a basic gray cardigan in case it's cold. It brings gray in to match Henry's outfit.
I added a lace trim to the waist and the top of the pockets.  
Henry will be wearing striped pants and matching vest with his chambray tunic and tie. The tie is from the same fabric as Claire's dress! 
For Henry's vest I altered the Canaan's Incredible Blazer Pattern. I just added one flap for a faux pocket. 
I really love the yellow tie with his outfit! I'm hoping to make a basic pencil skirt for myself from the same white and yellow fabric for Easter Sunday. My husband has the matching pants, but he wears a suit to church so he's kind of the odd one out.
Henry's outfit looks really similar to his Easter outfit I made him last year. He looks so little in those pictures!


  1. Love the yellow fabric. So pretty. And thanks for sharing about the pattern. I have adored the geranium dress pattern for a while, but am too cheap to just buy it. But if you love it, it must be worth it.

  2. you're kids are going to look sooooo cute in these!! can't wait to see them.

  3. I love it. Super duper cute!

  4. Wow, Heather!! Super cute outfits!! They're just perfect!!

  5. I love them! And I love that you are a frugal sewer. I am too and it's hard being surrounded by sewists that seam to always buy the latest patterns or latest fabrics out there. I am definitely a penny pincher who chooses all of her purchases with a lot of thought :)


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