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Easter Family Outfits

We snagged this picture before my husband had to leave early for church meetings. He has to wear a suit so that's why he isn't exactly matching. We were in a rush so that's why some of us aren't wearing shoes.
Outfits Details
Kevin- shirt: hand-me-down, pants: made by me, sandals: Walmart
Heather- shirt: made by me, skirt: made by me, shoes: hand-me-down
Henry- shirt: made by me, vest: made by me, pants: made by me, shoes: thrifted
Claire- cardigan: made by be, dress: made by me, tights: gifted, shoes: hand-me-down
Claire doesn't run away so here's a close-up of her!


  1. Loved the matching outfits. You all look great, and I love the handmade/thirfted/etc vibe! =D

  2. Your family looks so great! And I love the length of your hair, and how you fixed it!


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