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DIY Felt Toys

Henry needed some activities to play with while I'm help baby Claire. I looked around on Pinterest and found some fun, quick-to-make felt toys. first I made Henry a doctor kit. We went to the doctor OFTEN with my recent pregnancy, so Henry got really interested in doctors. I took the idea from VixenMade's tutorial, and Henry loves it! I also found a cheap doctor toy kit on Amazon to add to the felt pieces.
There are bandaids with Velcro, a doctor bag, a blood pressure cuff, a cast, and an x-ray.
I also made a bunch of felt play food. I used these free patterns from Lemonwood Clock. Henry loves cooking and making food for me to taste. I made chicken and broccoli, a cookie, grapes, pancakes and an egg, spaghetti, and some pieces of bread.
There are six pieces of bread, two peanut butter, two jam, and two plain. They have Velcro on them two help keep them together. It's fun to stack them together so Henry can practice cutting the oaf of bread.


  1. So cute!! I always say I'm going to make a bunch of toys and never do! Love this Heather, lucky Henry!

  2. i love felt toys but i confess i haven't made any for my daughter...

  3. Kids just LOVE playing with felt food! The Dr's kit is a great idea.


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