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Daddy and Son Matching Pants

One of my goals this year was to make the family Easter outfits. I had some beautiful gray and white striped twill fabric that I decided to make matching pants for my husband and Henry. I actually had Henry's pants cut out and half finished before Claire was born, and I cut out my husband's pants a couple hours before my water broke. (I definitely think crawling around on the ground cutting out fabric made my water break.)
Henry is SO excited about having pants that look just like daddy's. He calls them his matching pants.
For Henry's pants I used the free 2T Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern by Titchy Threads. They still fit him well with some room to grow even though they are a size 2T. This pattern is so great and detailed. I love the way the pants turn out every time. I've used this pattern a lot and am in the process of making Henry some yellow shorts!
For my husband's pants I used the Jedediah Pants Pattern from Thread Theory. I got the PDF pattern on sale last winter. It's one of the only patterns I've actually purchased. I wanted a good men's pants pattern to make, so I would be sure to get a good result.
My husband had to keep watching for Henry because he was up to this behind my back.
Well, I loved using this pattern and love the pants I made for my husband. They look so good, and I worked really hard to make them look professional. This is probably the only item I've made that I actually brag about! My husband really likes them except we've decided their hard to wear because the style is casual, but the fabric is a little more formal. I guess that means I'll have to make an awesome shirt to go with it!
I love these two boys! 


  1. I love them! And that Henry!

  2. Yay! They both look awesome! I can't believe all of the sewing you are getting in with a newborn in the house!

  3. Ok that's just awesome

  4. Thanks for sewing up the small fry jeans. I think I need to get that pattern, as those look awesome on your little man. And I have a little man that is very close in age to him, my little man turns 3 this summer.

  5. Wow! I never would have guessed these were homemade! They look great--and professional, just like you wanted. You deserve to brag about these!!

  6. oh wow! You did an AMAZING job on those! I am so incredibly impressed!

  7. Very cute mini me projects! Have loved all the the small fry skinny pants that have popped up on kcw- these are perfect!

  8. Those look great! I didn't remember about your water breaking before. Maybe I'll have to try that come October... Hats off to you for getting all that done before and after Claire!


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