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Giveaway Week: Ask Me About My Endo Shirt and Sticker

Today I'm switching it up a little. Instead of having a sewing item to giveaway, I'm giving away something that hits closer to the heart.
Kelsey from Silver Rose Sewing and I "met" through blogging about three years ago. She was one of my first followers that commented on my blog and wasn't someone I knew in real life. I've followed her heart wrenching journey of Endometriosis. She went through multiple doctors who didn't listen to her or give her the right care. She has also been trying to get pregnant for a long time and has miscarried. 
She has started a shop to raise awareness for women and is generously giving away one shirt from her shop Ask Me About My Endo and a sticker.
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  1. Heather, thanks for the great giveaway week. Endometriosis is a struggle. There are much worse cases than mine, but I can relate first hand.

  2. I've never struggled with endometriosis, but have many friends that have. I know the pain of miscarriage too. What a great message!

  3. I have endometriosis, so I can relate. We struggled with infertility because of that. Obviously, it all worked out since I have four children. :)

  4. I was never diagnosed with endometriosis, but have struggled for 4 years to get pregnant, and miscarriaged too... sometimes we just don't know what people are going through in their life and a little support is precious. I'm wishing all the best for Kelsey and I hope she'll be able to become a mom soon.

  5. Endo survivor here and after 2 surgeries with doctors who didn't really know endo, I slayed it by seeing an endo specialist twice with one of my surgeries being 7 hours long. I suffered infertility, never got a positive pregnancy test due to totally blocked tubes and ended up adopting 3 beautiful children. I attended the walk in DC in 2000 and spoke at the one in DC in 2001.

    Thank you for doing this for #endometriosis

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  7. What a great idea and way to spread the word. I love it!


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