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DIY Height Measuring Board

I've wanted to make a ruler height board ever since Henry was born almost two and a half years ago. I Finally got around to making one right before Claire was born. I don't know what took me so long because it's really easy and really cheap. I bought the board and stain for a total of $8! 
We have already measured Henry. He was so excited to get measured! Now I need to go look up Henry's measurements from 6 mos, 1 yr, and 2 yr to add to it.
We put it up on a small wall between the kitchen and front room next to a big ampersand. The door on the left leads to the hallway and bedrooms. (I'm planning on moving the small picture over to the right once I switch it from winter to spring decor.
First, I sanded the board really good. Then I used a rag to stain the wood. I only wanted a light stain so it went really fast. After it dried and the smell had faded, I used a ruler to mark all the measurements. Then I cheated and painted all the little markings with white nail polish because that was the smallest brush I had. Then I drew and painted the numbers with white acrylic paint. I didn't do any sort of finishing because it won't get much use besides sitting on the wall.
It makes me happy every time I see it, and I'm so happy I get to take it with us whenever we move!


  1. I want one of these, and you just showed me how easy it is to do it. Thanks for the how to! Now to get in gear and go get it done....

  2. That's really cute AND it's portable!!


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