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"Cheater" DIY Carrier Cover

I never made a carrier cover for Henry and forgot about needing one until Claire was born. Since I was in no position to make a carrier, I sort of "cheated" and made one in 15 minutes. 
I had a whole bunch of flannel receiving blankets and decided to turn one into a cover. They are the perfect size and great at blocking light because they're double layered. This one has an adorable Precious Moments print and the edge was crocheted by my husband's aunt.
I took some white ribbon and sewed two strips onto the center of the blanket. Then I added snaps to the ends for easy removable. I love the fun turquoise color of the snaps!


  1. What a good idea, not only is a cover but also can be used as a back up blanket

  2. I think I'll make one like this too. I did all new covers for G. but don't feel like re-doing it all, including the carrier cover, so I think a quick functional thing is what I'll do this time.


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