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Quick DIY Matching Game

With a new baby around, Henry has needed some extra love and attention. I decided to make a simple fabric matching game that he and I can play together, and it used up a lot of my fabric scraps.
Fabric scraps
Iron-on fleece
Sewing supplies*
1. Cut a bunch of fabric scraps all the same size like 3"x3". Do your best to cut them out of the same part of the fabric print so that they match.
2. Iron pieces onto the iron-on fleece.
3. Cut each square out.
4. Sew around each square onto felt with a zigzag. (I somehow didn't get a picture of this step!) Cut out each square.
Have fun playing with your little one! Henry is too young to play this game by himself or even really understand it, but he enjoys telling me if they match or lining them up in a train. It's just something fun for us to do together.


  1. Great game for small hands and growing minds!! I've linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:

  2. Great idea! I made a cardstock matching game and it just wasn't holding up at all. Little fingers can't flip those over without tons of bent corners. I'll have to do the fabric ones!

  3. Love it! My daughter and I play 'match' instead of memory. We turn all the pieces facing up and just try to find the pairs.

  4. Great! I want to do one of these for my Bubu too!!

  5. And then they can turn into coasters when he's done with them!


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