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Quick DIY Boy's Valentine Shirt

Now that Henry is starting to understand holidays, I'm actually interested in making him simple, fun holiday shirts. I wanted something really quick and really easy and masculine. How fun is this nerdy suspender Valentine shirt?
Take a basic white shirt and some tape. I think most tapes will work. I used electric tape because we had it, and it was the width I was looking for. I put tape straight up the front and then crossed them in the back. Then I added a heart on the front.
I stuck a piece of cardboard between the layers to protect the fabric. I used Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint and sprayed all over the front and the back focusing right next to the paint.
It gave the shirt a really cool reverse effect. Then I added long red sleeves underneath to add warmth for the winter. It turned out perfect, and I haven't noticed any fading of the paint. Henry calls it his "bunny" shirt because he thinks the heart is a bunny. Close enough, right? As long as he'll wear it!
I was on a quick painting kick, and Henry is WAY into ducks right now so I made a duck shirt. I also did the reverse effect.
This one was even faster because I just did one sticker and a little bit of spraying.
Henry loves his new duck shirt!


  1. So cute, I haven't tried the spray dye yet. I think I should add it to my to-do list.
    p.s. at first glance, I thought the heart was the star trek patch; my husband is a sci-fi lover so thanks for the indirect inspiration!


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