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Free Crochet Patterns: Getting Organized

I'm in a nesting organizing mood right now, so I'm getting rid of lots of stuff and reorganizing what I want to keep. Instead of buying a bunch of baskets and containers, I decided to use up some leftover yarn and crochet some baskets. I love that they cost me nothing and I got to choose the colors!
1. Big Basket Free Crochet Pattern
I actually made this one last Spring and have loved using it. It stores my camera case right next to the front door and whatever crochet project that I'm working on at the moment. 
It's big and looks cute on my shelf. It took a lot of yarn and a fair amount of time, but it was worth it.

I liked that this one hangs, because it doesn't take up any counter space. I made two of these, one regular size and the other just a little smaller. I used up all the colors to make these so I could clean out my yarn. I thought the colors would be really fun in the nursery too. Right now they're hanging above the changing area in the closet of Henry's room. (I'm still finishing up the room, but hope to have pictures to share soon!)
One is holding a bunch of burp cloths. 
The other is holding hats. I have since changed it to hold all the baby's socks and newborn mittens so they'll always be within easy reach.


  1. I love to see a house full of handmades, it gives me that cozyness feeling. =D

  2. I love crocheted baskets:) No idea have you have found the time to make so many - Hope you are getting some sleep:)

  3. Love these crochet baskets. I could use a couple of those bigger ones. Need to add that to the list!


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