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Free Crochet Patterns: Baby Girl Items

I've been really into crocheting this winter. Maybe it's because I was pregnant, maybe the cold got to my head, maybe I just enjoyed going to a crochet group in my apartment complex. . .
Anyway, I'm still a crochet beginner, so I always have to use a pattern. Since I'm cheap, all the patterns I use are free, and I get to share with you the ones I used!

1. Little Dot Mary Janes Free Crochet Pattern
This was an awesome and somewhat quick pattern. I made a newborn size, gray, for my new niece and some 3 mos shoes, white, for my baby girl. I'm hoping the white ones will fit her around the time she gets blessed.

2. Newborn Hat Free Crochet Pattern
This pattern jumped out at me because I could've had a Valentine's baby. I did different colors, but I love the little knot on top! I have a really tight stitch so my hat was really small, and I had to add rows and increases to make it bigger.

3. Sweater Pants Free Crochet Pattern
If you can't tell, I'm kind of a sewing clothes horse. I rarely sew items for the home, toys, etc. I basically only sew clothes. (It's hard for me to get inspired when something will take hours and hours, but it won't be worn!) I like crocheting clothes too and was excited to crochet a pair of pants. Well, the pattern was easy to follow and my pants turned out great, except they are supposed to be size 12 mos and are more like 2T! They just turned out huge. Luckily, I realized the top part was big, so I lengthened the legs to keep with the large size.
Here are the pants on Henry for reference. I'm really disappointed I didn't use a more gender neutral color so that Henry could wear them right now! This purple is just a little too feminine for my liking. Oh well, it'll be fun to put it on baby girl in a couple of years.


  1. so cute... can't do this, but I'll share with a friend, I'm sure she'll love it.

  2. The Emery Beanie on Ravelry (see http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/emery-beanie) is a super cute super simple fast crochet baby hat too. I added and extra round on the top and a couple on the sides, and its made a good larger newborn/0-12mo size. I skipped the flower, but made it in a pink-purple colour changing acrylic and wow it came cute.


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