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Cost of Sewing: February

February was a great month! Let's look at what happened this month 
Fabric I used this month (I used tons of scraps this month!)
  • Ivory knit fabric scrap, purple knit fabric scrap, lace fabric scrap
  • 1 yd teal fabric
  • 1 shirt, 1 men's shirt, 1 scarf, 1 sweater
  • 1 boy tee, leftover red sleeves
  • lots of fabric scrap squares
  • Lots of yarn (I don't know how to measure and keep track of yarn usage!)

Income (from my blog and doing sewing alterations from home)
  • Alterations: $10
  • Pattern Sales: $16
  • Ads: $151.03
Expenses (You might think I'm making a lot of money from this sewing blog, but I don't put on here what goes towards school loans.)
  • Savers: $26.94
  • Kid's Photography Session $85
  • Business expenses: $5


  1. I probably won't get mine up til late next week, but this month is a sad month for SewsNBows :( I'm in the red, big time! Student loans suck!!

  2. I feel pretty lucky that I made it through school without student loans, and without debt. Part of that luck is very generous parents who have always encouraged us to get our education. They worked hard and saved a lot to help us kids. (I am one of 8.) So far they have 3 of us out of college, with two more in college right now.
    I don't know how you would measure yarn, especially if people have given you the left overs from their projects. :) Thank goodness for thoughtful friends!

  3. Did you get your pictures done with photofly? It's nice to get in and out with edited pictures!


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