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Boy and Girl Shared Adventure Nursery

It's finally time to reveal the kids' adventure nursery! It's been switched around a lot over the last couple of months to get it just the way I like it. I had a big to-do list of projects that I wanted to do specifically for the nursery, and I didn't do all of them. It's not because I ran out of time, but because of money, decreasing energy, or less mobility the farther along I got.
Here's the view when you first walk in the door and look to the right. Straight ahead is Henry's toddler mattress in a tent (Ikea) with the quilt I made him. There's a striped cloth (Ikea tablecloth) hanging on the wall to cover the cinder block with some felt animals. (There used to be more animals, but when maintenance re-tiled the floor the cloth and felt animals got into the floor glue and most of the animals were ruined.) On the right there's a chalkboard map of the USA (Tai Pan Trading), a picture of my husband and I when we were engaged, and a dancing clown from my childhood. There's a built in closet also, but the drawers are too hard to used, so we just use the top part which can open over the tent.
Looking to the left you see the baby crib* with storage boxes (Ikea) for blankets and toys underneath and the quilt I made baby girl. The window curtains are a a pretty dandelion fabric*. I layered the rugs here for a cool look. Keep turning and you see the closet.
Hanging in the closet is some baby jackets/sweaters, an owl mobile my SIL made, two hanging crocheted baskets with hats, socks, and baby mittens. There's also a paper star lantern (hand-me-down) with string lights as the night light. Below that is the ombre dresser (hand-me-down) that stores the kid's clothes and that we use as a changing station . I painted it before Henry was born, and it never made it on the blog. On the left there's a storage box (Ikea) with books and a big ball. On the right there's a small shelf (thrifted) with more toys. Up above is all of the big clothes.
Two of my favorite pieces of the nursery are the rocking giraffe which I found at a thrift store about a year ago. I couldn't not buy it because it was so cool! Then there's the road map rug (Ikea) that has been so fun for Henry to play with.
I couldn't let this post go without a couple pictures of Henry. He was always in the way of pictures or he wanted to get his picture taken, but he kept giving me a funny expression. He's wearing his moose sweatshirt and scribble leggings.
I'm still planning on re-upholstering our rocking chair and have the fabric, I just got too big and uncomfortable to do it at the end of my pregnancy. I hope to do it in the summer when my husband will be around and I can get it done in a day or two. Right now it's in our bedroom, but eventually when the baby is in this room it'll go between the beds.
I do love this little room and love spending time in there with the kids.


  1. I loved to see a nursery that is REAL (not magazine worthy!), and that you have included so many thrifted, re-used and handmade things. Loved it. My kids will share a room too, so I am now started to feel a little anxious to know the gender and start organising (mostly if it's a boy, in the case of a girl, well, we already have a pretty girly room).

  2. I love this. You did a great job and it reminds me of when my two oldest kiddos shared a boy/girl room for a couple of years. I had fun putting together something special for the two of them. Now that my oldest (and only girl) is 7 and my third boy is on his way, the shared room in the house is definitely ALL BOY! :)

  3. That giraffe is so cool! I love the theme, I'm still trying to pin down all my ideas for my boys' room.


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