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8 DIY Baby-Friendly Necklace Ideas

When Henry was born, I totally fell out of the habit of wearing jewelry. I didn't want my necklaces to break when he pulled on them, it hurt my neck if it was a skinny chain, and I didn't want any pieces falling off and choking him. This time, I'm prepared with some awesome baby-friendly jewelry that will help me get back in the habit of wearing necklaces!
1. Scarf of a Thousand Chains Free Crochet Pattern - A really easy, basic crochet necklace that makes a big statement.
I've even made this one already in a gorgeous coral!

2. Interchangeable Teething Necklace Tutorial - I made this when I was nursing and still have them around for baby #2! I'll probably make some more so I can have other colors.
3. Crochet Adjustable Necklace Free Pattern: Pattern 1 - I have never made one of these, but my SIL made one for me that I love. It's fun, stretchy, soft, and if you use the right yarn, it still looks like a beaded necklace.
4. DIY Baby Friendly Necklace - How cool is this necklace? It's big and graphic, and you could do so much with different shapes!

5. Statement Necklace: Tie Knots in a Scarf  - You could do this ten minutes before you need to go somewhere and have an awesome necklace! It might get a little wet if baby is sucking on it. . .

6. Easy DIY Necklace Using Shower Curtain Rings - This necklace is so funky and simple! You could do some really cool things with striped fabric!

7. DIY Braided Fabric Necklace - This necklace is unique and quick! You could really play with the colors and prints you use, and the two layers are great for occupying babies.

8. Stretchy Wooden Bead Teething Necklace - The tshirt fabric used in this necklace makes it comfortable and soft and stretchy. The beads are perfect for teething and a quick last-minute toy whenever you need it!

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  1. Awesome Necklace, though model gives it more shine.


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