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One of my friends just had a little baby girl, and I had a hard time coming up with a gift. I know she loves heirloom quilts, so I decided to make a simple, pieced blanket. I pulled all my warm-colored, feminine fabric scraps out and played with them until I came up with this.

Pieced Baby Girl Blanket

Most of the fabrics are cottons, the red dotted fabric is a flannel, and the white and taupe fabric is home decor weight fabric. I really like the eccentric colors and patterns and how they came together so well, just from my scraps!

Pieced Baby Girl Blanket

The back is just a basic cotton, and I used it to self-bind the blanket. I didn’t use any batting inside, it’s more of a Spring/Summer blanket, and sewed through a couple of seams to keep the blanket from separating.

Pieced Baby Girl Blanket

I don’t enjoy piecing or quilting, but I LOVED picking the colors and patterns and putting them together. That’s the only part of quilting that I would do again!


Author: Heather