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Leather Diaper Bag and Giveaway: Closed

I made myself a cute diaper bag right before Henry was born and loved it. (I even made a free diaper bag pattern and tutorial.) It has held up really well for two years, but I decided I needed something I could wear as a backpack now that I'll soon have two kids. I didn't have the time or patience to figure it out for myself, so I purchased the Classic for Moms sewing pattern that has a backpack or shoulder strap option. It was hard to make (only because I used leather: more on that later!) and took some time, but I love love love it! It feels much more like "me" and there is tons of strength built into the inside.
I decided to use leather because I really wanted a leather bag. I bought a leather jacket from the thrift store and cut out as much as possible. I did have to cut through some of the previous details, but I like the look of the added random details. Luckily, I had some gorgeous turquoise herringbone fabric on hand that I'd been hoarding for the perfect project. This was definitely the perfect project for it. I also used some iron-on vinyl for some of the herringbone fabric, but I don't love it.
Now let me tell you about the leather. For some reason I didn't think through how thick the leather would be when layered together. I got to the point where I hated everything because I struggled so much with the thick layers. It did work out and I learned a LOT about leather, but I would NOT recommend sewing this pattern with leather unless you have lots of leather experience.
The only changes I made, besides using leather was to change the front pocket from a changing pad into a padded pocket. I did this because I want to use it for electronics if need be. I love the side pockets and all the pockets inside.
I love this pattern so much that I contacted Whistlepig Creek Productions about it and they are offering one pattern to you with the choice of the hardware kit in bronze or the hardware kit in nickel! I can't wait to see what you make from it!
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  1. Love your bag! That leather must have been a bear. I love the Whistle Pig Creek Boho Bag pattern, but I think I would stick to using cotton instead. :)

  2. I love it! I can't believe you did it in Leather

  3. Oh my goodness, you are very brave! I think I would have stopped sewing as soon as the needle broke. I love how you upcycled the jacket into the bag - it's definitely going to last!

  4. My favourite would be the Pockets A plenty bag - you need lots of those pockets when you're a mum :-)

    Agy (aka Agatha)

  5. I love the S'more Camping Bag..absolutely adorable! You did a wonderful job on your bag! Leather wow!! Thanks for the giveaway!!1

  6. Pixie squares quilt is adorable!
    I love the bag. It will be perfect to carry all the kid stuff around. Favorite part, the zip top!
    I have used the iron on vinyl before, and like you, it is not my favorite in bags. Thanks for sharing all your hard work!

  7. Love, love, love the Just Rewards wallet/purse AND the iPad Cover and Carry Case -- couldn't decide between the two!! Would love to do both!!

  8. I love the look of the Classic for Mums, and would want it in nickel. I like my current diaper bag but it would be nice to have something new with baby #3. I still have time to sew something too.

  9. I love that bag, but I also really llike the floofa paloofa! i have a giant st bernard and need to make her a bed that's big enough. I don't mind altering a pattern that's too small into one large enough, but I've been looking for one I like.. I like that one.

    Plus she had a free embroidery pattern for machines that's a big hound dog. a slight change up in colors, and i can make that dog look like my sweet St. Bailey. :)

  10. I like the which way is up quilt pattern as well

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