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Have you enjoyed the quick project week so far? I know I have, and there is still another day tomorrow! 

Tutorial: DIY Scarf Cardigan

Today’s project is just for you! It’s a scarf and cardigan in one, and it’s perfect for cold days!

Tutorial: DIY Scarf Cardigan

Sweater, sweatshirt, cardigan, long-sleeved tee, etc.
Sewing Supplies*

1. Cut your top on center front (if using a cardigan the front will already be cut.).
2. Measure the center front. This is the height of the scarf.
3. Measure from bottom of center front, up around the neckline, and back down to the bottom of center front. This is the width of the scarf.
4. Cut out the scarf. Mine was 55″ x 20″.

Tutorial: DIY Scarf Cardigan

5. With wrong sides together, sew one side of the scarf to the center front at 1/4″. Flip the seam around so now it’s right sides together and sew again at 3/8″. (This is a French seam and encloses all the edges.)
6. Do the same with the other side. That’s it!

Tutorial: DIY Scarf Cardigan
To put on the scarf cardigan, hold the scarf in front of you. Cross it and make a loop. Put loop over your head. Adjust for looks and comfort.
Now cuddle up in style and comfort!
Tutorial: DIY Scarf Cardigan

What are you most excited about making first?


Author: Heather