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DIY Leather Trim Men's Shirt

Today is the last day of quick projects week! I really hope that you have been inspired in some way and will use these tutorials! Thanks for sharing this fun week with me!
When I was thinking up ideas for quick DIY projects, I couldn't leave the men out. It's easy to think of something for babies, girls, and women, but men and boys deserve something too. I struggled to think of something masculine enough that you could quickly sew, but I'm so happy with how this leather trim shirt came out! I think it's a subtle sophistication, don't you think?
Henley tee
Leather scrap
Sewing supplies*
1. Cut the leather to fit the front rectangle of the button placket. 
2. Unbutton the buttons and sew the leather strip on.
3. The placket is partly sewn on, so I stopped and moved the fabric out of the way underneath. You can see a little gap in my sewing on each side.
4. Sew around the buttonholes just outside the buttonhole stitching.
5. Carefully cut slits in the leather for the buttons to slide through. Button up the Henley and you're done!
Put it on your man and watch the compliments come in! (My husband got lots of compliments on this shirt the first time he wore it.)

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