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DIY 10-Minute Turban Style Headband

I'm excited to share another ten minute project with you! As hard as it was to think of basic projects, they are really rewarding! With only a little effort and time, you can make something new and satisfy that creative need!
Today we have a quick DIY project that you can make for any girl in your life. And it's so fast, you can make tons in a short amount of time!
Knit Fabric-2 pieces of 10" x 6" for baby, lengthen the width for children or adults

1. Cut out the fabric. Feel free to print or play with the fabric like I did with the hearts.
2. With right sides together sew the long sides together with a zigzag stitch. Turn right side out.
3. Take the two pieces and cross them over each other in the middle.
4. Bring the ends together.
5. Bring all four ends together. 
6. Sew with a straight stitch at 1/4". Turn right side out and that's it!
Now make one for you, three for your baby girl, a few for your friends, and maybe one for your neighbor!
Do you have a favorite quick project? Tell me about it!


  1. Can't wait to make some of these!

  2. Knit headbands are my favorite! I swipe the sleeves hubby chops off of his softball tees for mine. They are indeed 10 minute or less (loving the 10 minute posts!) Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us this week.

  3. That headband would cost so much at a baby store. so so cute!
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