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Cost of Sewing: January

Because I claim to be frugal and cheap, I've decided to be more honest about sewing and money and fabric. I'm usually a very private person, but I think that this might help someone and that's one of the main reasons I blog. I'll go over the posts from each month and then talk about the fabric and costs.
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Fabric I used this month:

  • 2 yds black sweatshirt fabric
  • 1/2 yd moose knit fabric
  • 2 yds pink knit fabric
  • 4 yds navy knit fabric
  • 1/2 yd turquoise fabric
  • 1 yd pompom trim and 1 zipper
  • Knit fabric scraps, faux leather scraps and 1 shirt pocket
  • 1 diaper cover, 3 boy's tees and 1 men's Henley shirt

Income (from my blog and doing sewing alterations from home)
  • Alterations: $80
  • Ads: $94.38
  • Joanns: $34.77
  • Walmart: $30.25
  • Business expenses: $48.50



  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I think will help a lot of people. Is it ok if I feature this post on sewistry? I think it will be great for people to see how much it takes to actually make your gorgeous projects!

  2. This is a great idea! I think I'll do the same thing, at least in a notebook or something. Although I think I'll add the value of any item I made...and rate the value based on wear. For example, if I make a dress nobody wears, the value is zero. But if I make a tshirt that gets worn every day, I'd pay $10 for it at the store. Looks like you came out way ahead this month with your blog earnings and the garments you made!!

  3. thanks for sharing. Sometimes I get so caught up in doing projects that it gets more expensive than I want to it to be. I've been trying really hard to get fabric on sale or at a garage sale or thrift store, but it's hard sometimes and homemade stuff is so satisfying.

  4. I consider myself frugal (cheap) as well...and then last year our credit card gives us a report that tallies everything by 'type' of store. So there was a fabric total waiting for me. Ouch. This is great, thanks for sharing!

  5. I love how open and honest you are! I am also very frugal and try to keep my hobby paying for itself by taking local sewing jobs. I'd love to one day monetize the blog!

  6. I think that is a great idea! It is easy to find fabric on 'sale' and feel like I'm saving money when obviously am still spending it.

  7. Found you from Sewistry and I can't wait to follow along. I've been wanting to start a creative blog but was concerned about the investment in supplies for the projects. Thanks for this!

  8. I found your blog via Sewistry. Your new series on actual costs for a sewing blog intrigues me very much as I've been interested in starting a creative blog myself but was afraid of the costs. Thank you for this!


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