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These are my first sewn items I specifically made for my baby girl. I have wanted to make her a bunch of clothes, but it’s hard not knowing sizing and how fast she’ll grow. As I was going through my “to-refashion” stash I realized I had a bunch of cardigans and sweaters that would be perfect to refashion for a baby girl. I went all out and whipped out four in four different sizes. I’m sure she’ll get lots of wear out of these, and she’ll still look feminine when paired with Henry’s old clothing.
Baby Girl Cardigans
This gray one is about a 3 mos size, and I kept the original placket and sleeve hems. I wasn’t thinking when I cut it out and only saved the front and back original neckline! I had to do some interesting piecing with gray ribbing on the sleeve neckline. I also used the gray ribbing on the hem. I think it gives it a nice grandpa cardigan look.
The second one is a light pink and was only a sweater so I left it as a sweater. I reused the neckline and then made up my own sleeve and body hems. It turned out much longer than I thought so it might be a really adorable sweater dress. I think it’s about a 6 mos size.
Baby Girl Cardigans
I made this 9 mos cardigan keeping the original placket, neckline, and sleeve hems and then added ribbing to the hem. It’ll be perfect for the holidays next year!
The sea foam green one was from a short cardigan so I was able to reuse the neckline and body hem. It might be extra long, but it’ll look good with dresses. I love the sweater details on the chest and the color. Its about a 12 month size, so hopefully it’ll fit her next spring!

Baby Girl Cardigans

I used patterns from the Kwik Sew’s Sewing for Baby pattern book. Truly, if you want to save money sewing, buy this book and the others in the series! I use it for almost every item I make for kids and I have never had to purchase lots of other patterns. There are lots of alterations in the book and anything else you can dream up. Or you could also use Delia’s Baby Cardigan Tutorial to make some baby cardigans; she has a great tutorial!


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