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Asymmetrical Zip-Up Boy Jacket: Canaan's Incredible Blazer Pattern Review

I was so excited to be picked as part of My Little Plumcakes Canaan's Incredible Blazer Pattern for Pattern Revolution. I really love promoting anything boy, even though this pattern works great for both genders. Visit Pattern Revolution to enter to win the pattern! 
Because I can't make a pattern like I'm supposed to, I did just a little bit of pattern altering on the front!
I moved the front opening to the side and switched the buttons for a zipper. I love the asymmetrical look of it. I only sewed on one patch pocket, but kept the front curved hem along with everything else. Henry seems to pick it over his other coats, and he can take it of all by himself which he LOVES.
I made the 2T length and 18 mos width for Henry. It's still a little big for him, but it doesn't drowned him like other patterns I've used. It'll be great for growing and will probably be his go to jacket until the summer. The instructions were very well written and easy to follower. I love that all the style lines are the same as a men's suit jacket. The hood and shoulder tabs are the perfect touch for dressing it down.
I chose to make it out of black sweatshirt fabric because I wanted it to be a play on casual and very comfortable for Henry to wear. I lined it with moose print jersey knit for whimsy and comfort.
Don't miss your chance to win the pattern on Pattern Revolution!
This is also Henry's look for PR&P Week 1: Winter Wonderland. My inspiration was warmth without losing any movement. The sweatshirt fabric makes it boy worthy but warm and the moose print is perfect for winter. I used Henry's moose leggings from Christmas because they matched perfectly and went well with the theme. The leggings are somewhat warm, really comfortable, and perfect for wearing under snowpants or other warm pants.


  1. I love this little jacket! It is so perfect. I think I like what you did better, by moving the front closure and putting a zipper in it. Super cute. And simple little changes like this make it so versatile, boy or girl style.

  2. Found you from Project Run & Play, this jacket you created is fabulous - that moose lining is perfect too!

  3. Heather,
    Fix your thumbnail at PRP, this is to stinkin cute not to pick up that first glance.
    Great Job!
    with love,

  4. Very sturdy and love the moose print. I was also wondering how you made your last picture snow? Great eyecatcher that I would like to learn how to do.

  5. I love the changes you made to the jacket. Really great work!

  6. Aw, Heather, this is such a sweet little jacket! I absolutely LOVE the moose print!!! I almost bought some at Girl Charlee, but shipping to Canada is so outrageous :(

  7. cute!
    love the zipper and the rounded seam underneath.
    great colors as well....he looks pleased!

  8. Great coat! Looks like a really fun pattern, and I like your modification to use the zipper. Asymmetrical zips are so fun. Love that last pic with the snow coming down; fun!

  9. I love how you changed it to zip up the side! It's perfect!

  10. Love the changes you made, and just like you, I tend to add my-little-something-different to most patterns.


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