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Tutorial: Adjustable One-Seam "No-Flashing" Wrap Skirt

I'm bringing home this post after it first appeared on Sew Caroline.
I've had an idea for a circle wrap skirt developing in my head for the last couple of months. I wanted to make a skirt that was easy, adjustable and child-friendly. This skirt is so adjustable that it can fit a multitude of sizes! It's really quick because there is only ONE SEAM to sew and no hems or edge finishes!
Even when I lift the part that wraps, nothing is uncomfortable flashed underneath!
You need:
Sewing supplies*
Knit Fabric
  • Maxi half circle skirt 3-4 yards
  • Maxi full circle skirt 5-6 yards
  • Knee-length half circle skirt 3-4 yards
  • Knee-length full circle skirt 4-5 yards
Use this diagram to cut out your skirt. You will need one of each for one skirt. You'll have to put in your own measurements. *When you are cutting from 1/4 height to the center waist circle, cut a tail from the inside circle for the tie.*
Here is a simple chart for quick radius measurements. Pick something in between or the next measurement up.
Waist or Hip Circumference
Radius for ½ Circle Skirt
Radius for Full Circle Skirt
6 ⅜”
3 ⅛”
7 ⅞”
3 ⅞”
9 ½”
4 ¾”
11 ⅛”
5 ½”
12 ¾”
6 ⅜”
14 ¼”
7 ⅛”
15 ⅞”
7 ⅞”
1. Using diagram cut out two pieces of the half circle skirt or the full circle skirt.
2. Sew the one long seam right sides together.
To put on your skirt:
1. Find the seam and put it on one side. 
2. Grab the side that will go across your front and warp it all the way around until it meets with the seam. Hold the seam and one wrapped side with one hand.
3. Grab the other side and wrap it around your back to the front until it meets with the seam.
4. Your two ties meet over your seam. Tie them in a bow or knot. 
This skirt is very comfortable and works throughout and after a pregnancy. The navy blue wrap skirt was worn by me AND my sister-in-law who definitely isn't pregnant.
You'll get lots of compliments, and you don't even have to tell them how easy it was for you to make!
You can play with the length for a fun maxi, midi, or mini skirt.
I had to include some fun bloopers. I had a hard time posing with my belly!


  1. Love it, and it's going straight to my really have to do list!

  2. Would love a video tutorial :)

  3. Would love a video tutorial :)

  4. I am a little confused about some of these instructions.
    You put "You will need two of each for one skirt." yet there is only one seam you need to sew.
    Do you mean one of each circle design for one skirt or two of one circle design for one skirt?

  5. Boy these are adorable.

    I just wish there was a video tutorial, because I have no idea how to make them.


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