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2014 Sewing Goals and You Flew: A Sewing Linkup

If you're scrambling for something to do with your kids tonight try making resolution hats or a resolution collage board!

Looking Back at My Sewing Goals for 2013
  • Use fabric I have and only buy new fabric if it's absolutely necessary. I have tons of fabric, but I'm scared to use it because I might think of a better use than I've already thought of, so I just keep buying more and more fabric. I'm a fabric hoarder. It's time to use what I have! *I think I got out of the "not using my fabric" rut. I still have tons of fabric, but I usually go to my stash before I go to the store which is an improvement. It rotates pretty quickly.
  • Do more fabric printing. I really love fabric printing, but I haven't done it recently. I have a fair amount of solid fabric, so I should print it to make it unique. *I didn't quite achieve this goal. I did a little bit, but not near as much as I would've liked.
  • Make more "from scratch" clothing for me. I'm really good at making Henry items from scratch with patterns, but I rarely do it for myself. *I am surprised this was one of my goals because I felt I made lots of clothes for myself this year! I feel like I figured out my style and sewing aesthetic this year.
  • Do more menswear for my husband. I used to sew lots of menswear, so I need to get back into it and stop leaving my husband out. *I did alright with this goal. I made him two t-shirts (a colorbocked shirt and a moose shirt) besides basic alterations (hemming, sides in, etc) that I don't count.
  • Stop doing "quickie" projects for myself that I like but don't love. I need to put as much time in my stuff as I do Henry's stuff, so that I'll love them. *Wow, I forgot this was a goal too! I think I still have a problem with this but not quite as bad. I think it's also related to the pressure of having something to blog about.
  • This isn't quite sewing related, but I plan to grow out my hair all year long! *Yay! I did do this goal and was quite proud of myself for donating it at the end. I technically cut it the middle of December, but that counts, right?

My Sewing Goals for 2014
  • Make more items from scratch. At the same time, I would love to think of some great, really quick sewing tutorials to share. Hopefully, I can do both this year!
  • One problem with being a sewing blogger is dividing time between blogging and sewing. This past year I was able to put a fair amount of time into both because I only have one child who naps everyday. I won't have the same time to divide this next year. I'm not going to stop blogging, but I am going to put more time into sewing. The Monday sewing tips will be less frequent, the sewing linkup will be once a month, and I will have one or two sewing project/tutorial posts every week.I need to focus on what I love, which is sewing and sharing it with the sewing community. 
  • Be more open about spending/saving money when it comes to sewing.
  • Share more pattern alteration tutorials.
  • Along with the last goal, less media in my life and my family's lives.
  • Sew three menswear items this year. (Luckily, one will be done for the next goal!)
  • Sew coordinating Easter outfits this year. I already know what I'm going to make too!
What are your sewing goals for this year?

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If you didn't catch it in my goals, the linkup will now be monthly. It's too much work for me to keep it up weekly. Hopefully, everyone will still be interested in linking up once a month!
Now its time to share some projects from the last linkup. The link with the most hits was the owl bag by Sewing for Utange.
Make a Faux Fur Vest by Two Many
Boy Sewing: Classic Chinos by The Crazy Tailor


  1. I love your goals, thanks for sharing. My goal for 2014 is to push myself beyond my comfort zone.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the feature Heather! I also plan to make more men's wear in 2014. I've already made a few things but they've been slight disasters that I haven't blogged about. But at least I'm learning :)

  3. Thank you for the feature, Heather. My goal for 2014 is to raise £5000 for the children in Utange - just short of that this year. On to restocking at full pelt to help that to happen!

  4. Thanks for the feature, Heather! Loved reading about your seeing goals. Here's to a creative 2014!

  5. Ha. *sewing goals. Seriously, you'd think my phone would know better by now....;)

  6. I loved reading your past goals and future goals. You did pretty good last year! You are wise to realize that your time will be more limited and to figure out now where your priorities are. I homeschool my 2 girls, sew and blog and it's all getting a little crazy. I hope in this next year I will be better at dividing up my time between all my loves. :) Happy New Year!

  7. I like monthly parties because I try to link up throughout the month and usually see a few new things each time. I'll move my button to the monthly party section on top so I can remember to put my sewing stuff over here:) thanks Heather for hosring! I love your projects and tuts:)

  8. Some great goals, Heather. Really look forward to seeing the men's sewing. thanks for hosting.


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