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You Flew Tuesdays: A Sewing Linkup - 51

We just got another crib mattress to put on the floor for Henry. We're about to transition him from crib to bed; do you have any tips for the transition that worked?

The link with the most hits was the Bandage Skirt Refashion by Sisters, Sisters
Hexagon Wreath Quilt Tutorial by Patchwork Posse
Penelope Peplum by Shaffer Sisters
Paper Christmas Wreath Tutorial by Vicky Myers Creations
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  1. Good luck with the big switch. I switched all my kids out around 12 to 14 months, and put the older two straight into a twin size bed. My kids did pretty good, but I didn't have high expectations. If you can wait until school is over for the semester with your husband, it might be better. I mean if your wall and his wall are next to each other, cute Henry might wake you guys up. :) The only suggestion I have is that I shut my kids door after I put them in bed. Good luck!

  2. Good luck switching him out! I did a horrible job- when I got a toddler bed for mine; she cried and cried. Rather than being a good mom and letting her cry, I moved the mattress to my bedroom floor "temporarily". Well, we ended up just sliding her crib mattress under our bed each day, and that's where she slept until she was maybe...4? Even though we like having her close....it wasn't very romantic. So I can't give advice except to tell you to wait it out if he doesn't like it right away. I'm betting that Henry will like his new bed and sleep there like a champ though!!


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