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Toddler Boy Jungle Quilt

I have never had minky fabric in our apartment until I won some and used it for a baby girl quilt. When I was working on it, Henry loved lying on it and cuddling with it. He never seemed jealous, but there was never a baby wrapped up in. Also, Henry got lots of baby quilts and blankets when he was born, but he's kind of grown out of them now. I decided to make Henry a toddler/child sized quilt by combining two baby quilts and backing it with minky, so there would be no jealousy over blankets. 
I had two quilts roughly the same size. One was a jungle animal theme that came with his bedding set. I still really love it and all the animals. The other quilt was one that I made Henry. It's a simple tied quilt with an adorable lion print. I cut the lion quilt into four pieces and sewed them around the jungle quilt. I didn't unpick anything and didn't even take out the ties. (I know, all you quilters out there are cringing because I took major shortcuts and did it unconventionally.) When I laid out the quilt to get a picture, Henry wanted to cuddle on it. At least it shows you the size ratio!
I got the minky fabric at a Joann's Black Friday sale. 50% off is the only way I'd buy this fabric, and it still seemed too expensive to me. I used the minky as the back and did some machine quilting around the animals, so there's a cool pattern. Since I used other quilts, I didn't have to worry about sewing through all the batting because it had already been done! Then I used the minky to self-bind the edges which I sewed with a machine because I hate hand-stitching.
Here's the quilt on Henry's new toddler bed. We switched him from his crib to this tent bed last week, and he has done fabulous. I think he sleeps better on his bed than he did in his crib! The tent is $20 from Ikea. I was going to make him a tent, but I didn't want it falling on Henry in the night if he wiggled too much. And $20 is probably how much I would've had to spend on fabric and supplies for a tent anyway.
This is also the progress on the shared nursery. This picture is from the doorway; the rocking chair and dresser are in the closet to the left. I'm getting through my list of projects I want to do before the baby comes. The only things left I have to do are making a cushion for the bookshelf bench, recovering the chair (that one might not happen; it's way too hard to bend over), putting new pulls and legs on the dresser, making a rope hamper (a big question mark on if I still want this), and making a new diaper bag (halfway done!).


  1. Good idea re-using the baby quilts! Not many of mine are in good enough condition...Question: When you machine quilted it, did you do something to make sure the stitches wouldn't come out (i.e. backstitch or anything)? I'm about to machine quilt a blanket I made and I've been hesitating because I don't want to do it just for the stitches to come out. Any help would be great!

    1. I did backstitch to secure all my ends. Usually when quilting, you machine quilt by starting at the edges (backstitching every time) and then when you bind it, that extra line of stitching helps secure the quilting.

  2. So did you do a new pattern for a diaper bag? Or did you use your last pattern? Just curious. Bags are a fascination to me!
    The quilt turned out fantastically. And it is even better if the kid it was made for loves it as well!


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