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Ruched Maternity Maxi Skirt

Even though loose maternity clothes are SO comfortable, I got a little tired of feeling bigger than I am. A year or two ago I won four of Megan Nielsen's maternity patterns, so I reworked the Ruched Maternity skirt into a maxi skirt for winter. I really love this basic pattern (I also made a knee length one that I love!), and I really love this basic maxi skirt!
To make this skirt, I lengthened the pattern by 20" without adding any width and then adding a center back seam. I wouldn't be able to walk in something that tight, so I added a triangle piece on the bias in the center back seam. I also skipped the elastic on the side seams. This makes the skirt fitted and flattering with the width for movement.
I cut my hair off! I cut my hair off every two or three years and then grow it out, so this isn't shocking to me at all. So far, I love my new hair! I've only washed it once and let it air dry. I'm excited to play with it and see what else I can do with it. I did keep my hair to donate; I just need to remember to mail it in. I haven't measured it, but it's probably a foot long!


  1. Love the skirt, adore the hair; you're simply glowing! :)

  2. Great skirt! Your hair looks amazing, it'll be nice to have a lower maintenance do when the baby gets here.

  3. Love it! my sister in law requested I make her some maternity wear - I think I'm going to have to raid your blog for ideas :)

  4. I love the idea on the skirt. What a fun little surprise.
    And the hair, that is a change. Wow. I have never been that brave to try short on me. It will be nice when you have a new baby and a toddler.

  5. I love the gore panel in back:)

  6. I love the haircut:) Skirt is rather nice too!!

  7. Love your hair! I cut mine about every five years and grow out, but I'm loving the pixie so much this time I might keep it for longer than usual.


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