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Herringbone Quilted Leather Jacket

I decided probably a year ago that I wanted to attempt making a leather jacket for myself. It was at the end of my list, but this past Fall I finally got around to making one! It was hard work and my first experience sewing a leather piece, but it turned out great! (These pictures were taken when I was around 22 weeks; I'm not this small anymore!)
I thrifted an old leather jacket to use, and it made for some cool style lines from the original. I did have to use some fleece and vinyl because I didn't have quite enough leather.
I used the Burdastyle pattern Larissa which was a really great pattern. It has great style lines and asymmetry. Some parts were a little tricky because there aren't any pictures, but with some unpicking and past experience I was able to make it through. It is a cropped jacket and even though I lengthened it; I wish it were longer, but I barely had enough leather for this length.
The pattern has a really cool pleat on the back of the shoulders, so your arms have room to move. I love the quilted leather trend right now, so I quilted the base of the pleat and the elbow patches.
 For the tutorial, check out how to quilt leather on Pellon's blog for their Handmade Holiday series.


  1. Wow, you did a great job! I saved a men's leather trench coat from my mom's garage sale this summer. I'm still a little scared to cut into it and attempt to sew something, but maybe someday.

  2. That turned out fantastic. I love what you did with it. And the outfit, totally rocks!
    I don't have facebook, so I am dying to see the new hair cut. Hope you love it!

  3. This jacket is fab! Wow Heather!

  4. {{{GAK}}} I'm speechless! You did a super fantastic job Heather! And working with a thrifted jacket is beyond clever!

  5. Just WoW. so cool with the quilting.

  6. wow what a change. you did great!

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