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Crocheted Play Food and Mittens

Because I'm super frugal cheap, I've been getting some yarn at the thrift store. It's usually a bag of mixed yarns and colors in small amounts. I've decided to use them to make play food for Henry, and there are TONS of free play food crochet patterns on pinterest. So far I've made a hamburger, a banana, and a pear.
Henry loves to pretend to eat them. The banana is a little smaller than it was supposed to be because I ran out of yarn, but it still looks like a banana. I only had a small amount of green left for the pear so I mixed in some yellow and white. I think it turned out kind of artsy, and it still looks like a pear. The patterns I used are a free banana crochet pattern and a free pear crochet pattern.
I didn't have the right crochet hook size for the hamburger, so it came out HUGE. Henry still loves it though. I used this free hamburger crochet pattern. I will warn you that it's in French. I had Google translate it, and I was still able to make it even though there was a lot of deciphering going on.
Because I was on a crochet high I made some mittens for Henry. Henry always complains about cold hands but doesn't have the patience to put gloves. I used this free mittens crochet pattern. It was a little tougher than other patterns I've done, but I'm really happy with how they came out and Henry loves them.
We have our first real snow day yesterday, so Henry got to really experience snow. Last year he was too young and didn't like keeping gloves on. This year he walked all through the snow calling it "nose, nose" and loved wiping it off of things with his mittens. He didn't even complain about cold hands when we came in!


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  2. Oh my gosh! Henry is adorable in the snow! It looks like he really likes the play food. What a creative idea.

    Tracy @ Its Mostly About Fashion

  3. A girl after my own heart! I NEVER pass up fabric at the thrift store...even the ugly stuff can be used for muslins. Your play food is so sweet! I hope you keep those forever...when the kids are too old to play with them you should save them for future generations. Adorable!

  4. I had to laugh at the hamburger. My hamburger would have been just as big. Your toys are adorable. And the mittens are so useful. I am loving all of your crochet projects, please continue to share.
    Did you make Henry's coat? It is so cute.


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