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Pompom Edge Baby Girl Quilt

I had a sudden determination to make a blanket or quilt for my baby girl. I put together some fun pink and coral quilting fabric I had in my stash. Then with lots of struggles I was able to crochet a pom pom edge on it. I am really happy with how it turned out even with the difficulties. I just LOVE the pom pom edge!
I decided to make a toddler sized quilt instead of a baby quilt so that it can grow with her. I've now found that all of Henry's baby blankets and quilts are too small. I would like to combine two to make a toddler one if I can find the time.
I won a fabric giveaway a couple months back from Glam Fabrics. I chose some gray minky, some pink scallop print cotton, and a colorful zoo print cotton. I had some floral fabric that I won from Sewing Summit and some pink striped fabric in my stash. They all looked great together even though I had to do some interesting piecing to make it big enough.
This is the second pieced blanket I've made (the first one hasn't been gifted yet, so I can't show you) and kind of have a love/hate relationship with making quilts. I have fallen in love with coordinating colors and patterns, thinking up the overall pattern, making use of scraps, and satisfying straight lines. I don't mind sewing the pieces together if there isn't a lot of seams, but I don't like binding, the actual quilting, or tying. It kind of leaves me in a rut if I only do half of a blanket process, right?
Now because I love the look of machine quilt, but I hate binding I thought doing a crochet edge would be a good idea. I was really inspired by this free pom pom edge crochet pattern. The finished product looks good, but it was extremely frustrating. I started by using my wing tip sewing machine needle to make holes all around the edge. I first did a basting stitch which didn't make big enough holes, and then I did the classic star machine stitch that makes a good-sized hole. I think the batting makes a big difference because the holes still weren't big enough for my smallest crochet hook, and I didn't want to buy one just for this one project. Instead, I took a yarn needle that fit the holes and did a whipstitch around the whole blanket. Then I added a simple stitch around in the holes to give more detail. Finally, I was able to crochet the pom poms into the whipstitch, and I only did it on three sides of the quilt so the pom poms don't bug baby girl's face when she starts using it.
I'm glad I tried quilting to realize I don't love it. Do you love quilting or piecing? Have you tried something that you really love and really hate?


  1. My most recent discovery is dyeing yarn for my favorite: knitting. Im loving the tremendous variability of colour that can be produced and then learning how to use them for different effects knitted up. Food safe dyes, for now, for safety with pregnancy and small little ones around.

    I enjoy piecing but ive only done one real quilting/stitching project and so far its far less painful than i'd imagined. Hard (okay, nearly impossible) to do with two little ones running amuck. Ive got an ongoing batik rainbow ombre tumbling block quilt that i adore, though. I haven't found a craft i actually hate, just ones that don't hold my attention (e.g. candle making) or require more equipment/supplies than im willing to buy into (e.g. hardcore scrapbooking... i enjoy the lite version, mostly paper with a few small embellishments).

  2. I think the quilt is beautiful! Very creative.

  3. Omg, the girl sewing has begun:) I cannot wait to see your first year of sewing for baby girl:) it's so fun, and it's a whole new world fabric wise. You can kiss "rarely buying patterns" goodbye too...you'll be hitting all the .99 cent sales before long:) love your Pom Pom quilt!!

  4. So precious! Love the crochet edge.

  5. That turned out fabulous! I am wanting to get into some quilting, but I am a simple, easy type of sewer. Instant gratification kind. Quilting isn't that kind of sewing. :)
    The quilt turned out gorgeous, can't wait to see a baby snuggled in it!

  6. Horray! I love the colors. You did such a good job!

  7. It's beautiful. I like the idea of quilting and have made a couple. But I don't really have the attention span for it- so I tend to end up with a whole lot of WIP mess.


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