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Gift Ideas for a Seamstress

My husband gave me the idea to write this post in his quest to get his Christmas shopping done. He is very supportive of my sewing hobby/job, but doesn't know enough to be able to choose a gift for someone who sews. There might be others out there that need a little guidance when gifting to a seamstress. 
Depending on the way the sewer organizers her fabric, she might like either a (1.) Wheeled Hanging Storage or some (2). Fabric Organizers. I prefer to keep my thread tucked away to make it last longer in something like a (3.) Thread Organizer Box, but others get really inspired by seeing all their thread colors out on a (4.) Thread Rack Organizer. I'm sure I would have trouble keeping my extra bias binding, piping, and tape wrapped and organized with these adorable cat (5.) Cardboard Spools.
Some classic gifts would be to get her some new basics like (1.) a Sewing Scissors Set, (2.) Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles, (3.) Rotary Cutters and Mat, (4.) Magnetic Pincushion, (5.) Seam Ripper, or (6.) Extra Fine Glass Head Pins.
Maybe you can replenish her on hand supplies so she doesn't have to run to the fabric store as often! Some of these are a little more geared towards apparel sewing, so it depends on what your giftee likes to sew.(1.) Elastic Roll, (2.) Thread Variety Pack, (3.) Assorted Buttons, or (4.) Bias Tape Maker.
If you're running low on cash and want to make something instead, try making a (1.) DIY Thread Organizer in her favorite color, (2.) some pretty Personal Pins Tutorial , or (3.) a fun DIY Pincushion. I find I sew quickest when I wear my scissors around my neck so you could buy some new small scissors and thread them on some pretty ribbon like these (4.) Scissors with Ribbon. Let her show off her hobby with a fantastic (5.) Measuring Tape Bracelet.
If you want to go away from supplies and stuff, there's always fun sewing inspired jewelry like a (1.) Sewing Machine Pendant Necklace, (2.) Sewing Notions Charm Earrings, or (3.) Thread Cutter Pendant which is a necklace with a cutter on the back of the pendant for quick, easy, and accessible thread cutting.
What do you think, are these items you'd like to receive as a gift? What is on your wish list this year when it comes to sewing related gifts? What would you give a seamstress as a gift?


  1. My sister in law told a bunch of us that if we want to give her anything, at any point in the year, to just wrap up a seam ripper. She says she looses hers all the time.
    I took a small pair of scissors and hung them on a ribbon, after you gave the suggestion.. I can't believe how much faster I sew now. So much easier to just clip threads as I go! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good list! I would love an Ottobre subscription if someone wants to hint at my husband ;)

  3. I should get a cutter pendant! Wow! That is an awesome idea!!


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