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Boys Fall/Winter Collection: Leggings, Long Sleeve Tees and the Hoodie

Today is the final day of photoshoots for Henry's Fall/Winter Collection. Henry seems to like all of the clothes, or at least he doesn't hate them. I'm happy with how they all came out! I'm amazed I was able to do it and get all the pictures done so quickly! 
I basically threw together a bunch of the leftover pictures with random pieces together.
If you can't tell, I let Henry color the scribble leggings again because he has worn them so much a lot of the marker has faded. I kind of like the idea that we'll be able to add art to it all winter because it gives us one more activity to do together.
This hoodie is my favorite! Henry wears it a lot and loves the hood!
I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. I love that hoodie too! I must've missed the scribble pants before; what a cute idea!!

  2. I love the pants idea, I noticed you said the marker faded a bit, what type did you use? If you wanted to make a more permanent design, Crayola makes a fairly inexpensive fabric marker that works great, I have used it on several onesies, rompers, and t's for my 2 sons. All you have to do is draw then you can either iron, or (like I did) toss them in the dryer for 30 mins. My 4 year old did a T-shirt, they worked great and most importantly, he LOVED it!

  3. Superb verity of amazing dresses for kids... Good Valuable outfit and great selection of colors...

  4. These are beautiful hoodie. I love long sleeve outerwear for kids and want to buy some beautiful printed uppers for my son. Any suggestions which kind of outwears are better for the kids.


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