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Boy's Fall/Winter Collection: Henleys and Bootcut Jeans

I made two Henleys for Henry, one out of woven fabric and one out of knit fabric. To make life easier on myself, instead of making more pants for Henry I tailored two pairs of jeans from wide leg to bootcut. This first Henley is the woven shirt. I upcycled a men's shirt to make, you can make one too with my tutorial. I found the elephant shirt at the thrift store and cut it up for this shirt. It turned out really fun! And the jeans look baggy because they are still pretty long on Henry.
The knit Henry is great too. I did some blocking with different fabric to give it a really cool look. I used two men's t-shirts to make it. I also made the placket on the side so it gives it a cool asymmetrical look. I used snaps for the closure.
These pants are brown jeans that I tailored. It makes it look like Henry isn't drowning in them, but he still has plenty of room to move.
Our apartment complex makes huge piles of leaves and leaves them for awhile, so Henry gets lots of leaf pile time. He mostly loves stomping through the leaves, but I did catch some great leaf throwing pictures!

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