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Our Conference Weekend

We had a busy family and conference weekend. General Conference is a semiannual gather of our church where we receive inspiration and instruction from out church leaders. We got together with family and had lots of good food and games in between wonderful, inspiring talks. I love General Conference weekend! Because of our weekend I have nothing new today, but I do have some adorable pictures of Henry to share. My photography friend wanted to do a photoshoot with some little boys at the LDS temple as future missionaries. There was lots of chasing, but she got some good pictures. Here are a few of Henry!
By the end the only way we could get the boys to sit was to give each of them a bag of cookies. You can see how happy that made them!
Photos taken by May Bo Hubbard


  1. Love these pictures! He's absolutely adorable-- and growing so fast!

  2. these are wonderful photos, and you two look so beautiful. =)


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