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Homemade Gifts for Baby Girls

I feel like when Henry was born there was a wave of everyone I knew having boys. Now that I'm having  a girl, I feel like it's a baby girl wave! I recently went to two showers for little girls, and this is what I made.

First, for my fun and sporty friend I made a baby pink tracksuit. I cut up an old sweatshirt and struggled to to get enough. That's why there are some interesting details on the pants. I used a dark purple zipper that zips about halfway down.
Second, for another friend I made two adorable pieces. These are some lace sweater leggings that I made from a thrifted sweater. I used the sleeves, so there's a cool scalloped hem from the original sleeve hems.
I also made a simple elastic-waist skirt from an old tank top. I love re-using hems! (and not spending any money on gifts!)

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  1. Love everything about it, especially the leggings! and you win some points refashioning, of course.


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