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Easy (Almost) No-Sew Activity Book DIY

I love the look of handmade activity books and think they are so fun for children. I wanted to make an awesome one for Henry, but I did not have the time or patience to hand-sew a beautiful felt book. I figured out an easier and quicker way with almost no sewing involved!
Find the tutorial at Pellon Projects. The basic idea is that if you have an ink-jet printer, you can print right onto interfaced fabric. If you print coloring pages, you or your child can color them with permanent markers, but the ink bleeds slightly. If you print a colored picture, you can set it with a dry iron. Then just sew the pages together! I used round binder clips and buttonholes to bind the book. I'll be able to take out and add pages when I want.
The first page I printed two Cars coloring pages. One I colored and cut out, then added snaps to match up with the uncolored picture.
The second page is a mitten that Henry can put his hand in. I did this page because I remember a page just like this that I played with when I was little. It's a little too small for my hand, but fits Henry's perfectly. 
The next page is Po from Kung Fu Panda eating spaghetti. The string can be pulled up and down. I was inspired by this spaghetti quiet book page.
This page is a farming page. I printed and colored a bunch of little vegetables and made little pockets all over the page, so Henry can practice putting them in and taking them out. 
The next page is Woody from Toy Story. I did it just like the cars page. Henry really loves dressing and undressing Woody.
This page is Bullseye from Toy Story with some string to tie a bow. It's way too old for Henry, but one day he'll need practice!
The second page I had the idea from my original Harry Potter quiet book from a couple of years ago. You can lift his bangs to find his scar underneath.
This page is also from the original Harry Potter quiet book. I sewed a white felt piece with a zipper over a picture of Harry, so it looks like he is wearing his invisibility cloak.
For the last page I used the free fruit printable from Ucreate. I didn't use all the fruit though. I printed the fruit right onto the interfaced fabric and cut them out. The back page has velcro on it, and a pocket to keep all the extra fruit pieces.


  1. so cute!!! I love how it looks.

  2. WOW! I love this, seriously genius.

  3. This is really a great idea! Would be perfect for a gift for a first birthday!

  4. so awesome! I can't wait to see the tutorial on pellon!

  5. Cool book....I love how you used well known characters to make it modern. You can check out mine on my blog - www.klcstudio.com Very talented!!!


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