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Boy's Fall/Winter Collection: KCW Wrap-up

I finished the last clothing item on Saturday! It's a color-blocked sweater with a side snap opening at the neckline. I repurposed two sweaters to make this one. The turquoise is from the same sweater I used for the cardigan. I'm sure you've seen multiple similar sweaters on Pinterest, and those are what I was inspired by.
I am so amazed at all I was able to accomplish this week with so much focus and determination. KCW is awesome! Henry is totally outfitted for the cold weather ahead! It did tire me out to sew so much, but it was totally worth is to get everything done it one week! I do have one item left I want to sew for Henry, a backpack, but that isn't clothing.


  1. This is awesome! Is it essentially a raglan style but with the side and neck seam opened and snaps added? I'd love to try one for my 3 year old little guy. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It is so cute! Hope you are feeling good.

  3. I love kid back packs. That way they carry their own stuff, and I don't have to!

  4. Raglan sleeves, but looking like set in sleeves... love the look!

  5. You did wonderful with all the pieces.


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