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Boy's Fall/Winter Collection: KCW Day 6

I'm getting down to the end of my to-do list (two items left!), but all the last items are the ones that take the most time and thought. It's pretty rewarding to finish one "hard" item in a day though! The next item I finished was the sweater cardigan with leather detailing. I used a men's sweater and was able to keep the v-neck, sleeve cuffs, and I reused the ribbing for the hem. I added leather shoulder pieces, leather pockets, and leather elbow pads. I cut down the center front, finished the edge with stay tape, and added snaps. Henry is going to look so dapper in it!
Sorry for the "after the sun went down" photos. I wanted to document that I finished another item even though the picture isn't amazing!


  1. he's going to look like a mine gentlemen it it... can't wait to see him wearing it.

  2. I'm so in love with leather accents!

  3. Oh he'll be super handsome in this! I have leather remnants waiting for a home and a cardigan cut for my guy- think I just found some inspiration!


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