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30-Minute Wing Tutorial

Henry is going to be a dragon for Halloween and has the best roar to go with it. I already had an awesome yardsale dinosaur costume but needed some wings to go with it. I made some simple wings that look great and can be used for dragons, bats, etc.
1 yard of felt*
3/4" elastic for shoulders*
1/4" elastic for wrists*

1. My felt was a 36"x36" so I folded it from corner to corner to get the widest wings. I drew a straight line for the top and three curves for the bottom. I made sure my points were kind of flat so they would be stronger. The wing tip point is about 2" tall because I sewed the top edge down.
2. Cut out the wings. Cut out two V's that will end at the point curves. Sew them onto the wings. Fold the top edge down 3/4" and sew.
3. Measure your child's shoulders (with costume) and cut two pieces of 3/4" elastic. Sew them into a circle and sew onto the center of the wings.
4. Measure your child's wrists and cut two pieces of 1/4" elastic. Sew them into circles and sew onto the wing tips. (I cheated with my wrist pieces because I only had a tiny amount of elastic!)
That's it! Wasn't that so fast!? These can easily be whipped up as a last minute costume or costume addition.


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  2. they are so easy to do. we don't celebrate halloween, at least not like you do in the usa, but I think I will make a little witch costume for my little miss.

  3. I could confuse him for a real dragon! Well done :) I hope he will have loads of fun roaring in his super cool costume :)

  4. He's so cute! Great dino costume find Heather-- you saved a bundle by DIY-ing! I wanted to let you know that I featured this project on my frugal sewing site Sewistry. Here's the link! http://sewistry.com/2013/10/diy-30-minute-dragon-wing-sewing-tutorial-for-halloween/


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